PLAIN HEARTY FARE is hosted by changing locations to – for one night – invite a gathering for the occasion of a shared meal. Served are new creations inspired by traditions and sustaining mythologies. For every dinner a publication is produced including recipes, research material and present-day visions onto habits and habitat. Invited guests of ranging age and origin join the composition of a delicious shared night:

The farmer shows us his falcon drones in flight
The biologist talks about the advantage of mixing genes
The neighbour tells us about her love stories during the war
The sculpture drops juice from the ceiling
The group of christians scare away the evil with a dance
The DJ finishes us up with some georgian hardcore
..while the big bowl in the middle offers a uniting mash

We want to treat the contemporary through food, as it has always been a mirror of our sociopolitical and emotional state. As people have spread over the globe and mingled so have their culinary traditions spread, merged and inspired a new fusion kitchen, combining a wide range of aromas and wisdoms. While this colourful mash gives us a delicious taste of what will feed our future, the wide range of toppings lets us indulge in diversity.
Nutritious concepts, that can be ingested and digested offer meditations on futility as its superfluous material eventually turns to shit. Celebrating the metabolic and metamorphic processes inherent in cooking and eating we work as alchemists, searching for new traditions and transformations.

If love goes through the stomach, then how would we better ponder our crisis than over a plain hearty fare.